Let's be blunt. I'm very confident. I am an unapologetic man. I'm very dominant and I try to stay classy. I don't sugarcoatt things. I like to do things to women that would make a whore blush. But enough of that, I'm a biology student, a musician, and a tough worker. I sing and play the guitar and piano. I work very hard and go to school at the same time, so I value my time greatly. Be straight up with me, and I will with you.Snapchat: atre1 KIK: mando9




Ohhh god I got a guy to hit me once and it was so great but he could have hit harder. This was also the guy that called me princess, baby girl, and made me call him daddy

mmmmm yesss

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I am so horny from looking at your blog, all I can think about is being spread out for you, tied down and blindfolded. I want to feel you tease my thighs with kisses until I am moaning like a whore and begging you to fuck me

Get off anon dear